The Highkelly Advantage

ISO Gray Highkelly is an integrated oil & gas, water-well drilling contractor and drilling rig manufacturer - and the next step in the evolution of oilfield equipment and drilling rig fabrication.

The Highkelly Difference

At Highkelly, we understand that our clients’ needs are not ‘one size fits all’.
Our engineers gather all of the information on your well parameters, terrain and trucking logistics before creating tailored and unique solutions – that are specific to your project.

Once our Water-well Drilling Department has a clear understanding of your needs, we will build or acquire the equipment that is uniquely suited to your project. Having equipment that is designed specifically for you means that we can maximize performance, quality and safety while minimizing risk and cost.

Our unique business model offers clients a secure and practical alternative for price conscience petroleum companies. With the recent reduction of oilfield activity in North America, Highkelly now has even greater access to a wide range of equipment that will fit the shallow and deep well contracts being offered.

About The Company

Highkelly has been in the drilling contracting business since 1999 and has been manufacturing drilling rigs since 2005. Working with clients around the world, our professional engineers and supervisors have experience drilling in South Africa, Chad, Zaire, Sudan as well as in Western Canada and the U.S.A.

Highkelly’s 100% Canadian owned drilling contractor company is based out of Calgary, Canada and our manufacturing facilities are located in Shanghai, China. Read More…

Quality Control


Highkelly employs full-time quality control staff – Canadian trained mechanical and electrical tradesmen experienced in drilling rig construction an international operations. Quality control technicians monitor fabrication to ensure adherence with API 4F requirements, while providing additional Canadian and International drilling rig experience into each product. Technicians are on-site 100% of the project build, from project start to construction completion.

Customer Satisfaction


Highkelly strongly believes in a project consultative process. This means we work closely with your Engineering and Procurement personnel in order to meet the order requirements in a timely manner.

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