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christian louboutin outlet store Idol star era, star demonstration role in the great influence of fan groups. In this fashion phenomenon, a group of tasteful, fashionable idol stars through the establishment of individual fashion brands, their creative talent cross-border play to the field of fashion design. Star Yang Yi collection star brand and fashion buyers power, more systematic fashion with professional, the establishment of new fashion style of creativity, bring infinite vitality. Through the integration of fashion clothing resources, to create star demonstration samples, the establishment of star clothing for sale, to create an exclusive star single product. Star Yang Yi from 2014, adhere to the China International Fashion Week held TOPBUYER fashion platform platform, through the fashion awards for the fashion industry has introduced a batch of representative of the cutting-edge designers and fashion buyers. Star Yang Yi launched to create the fashion star street shooting program 'star-like clothing room' is a file weeks broadcast section christian louboutin factory outlet

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cheap christian louboutin outlet invite the current popular star fashion street shoot, attention to the degree of concern over 40 million per person. At present, the program has been for Yan Yi wide, Wang Su-Long, Li Yixiao, Zhang Yuxi, Ma Weiwei, Xu Zishan and other stars to create a unique street shooting large and interesting interviews with video content, by fans strongly respected. This release, after the star Yang Yi professional build, cool makeup, tide brand clothing, and even the model of the Prince of Wales and the Prince of radio, as well as pushing the super-cool bike cool male model, all angles reflect A straightforward and sincere attitude, but also from positive positive energy shows a clear self-planning of young people. The TOPBUYER Star Yang Yi won the insurance industry, the Qingli support, so that 'insurance for a better life' into a fashion attitude. Just 8 minutes, a young fashion vividly expressed. Famous buyers momo, blogger Wen Zhou, stylist Zhou Zhou, photographer Tong Qing, camera team 8590 and new KOL Kang discount christian louboutin shoes

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christian louboutin shoes outlet millions of brides' as the theme, 'to create a' ALLOVE 'S DAY perfect festival' global tour also kicked off. The sense of ritual, give you all the love 'in the end, for' her 'to achieve the warmest heart, the most shining The dream of the same month and the invitation the same day birthday (October 10) Wu Chun father and daughter as a ALL STARS TO GO WITH, AND ALL OVE along with the pursuit of the perfect concept of happiness. Today, the era of fine jewelry consumption has come, ALLOVE firmly believe that 'Hezhong, together force' the power of the world, ALLOVE will usher in a Broader space for development. At present, ALLOVE and Singapore, Malaysia, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Hubei and other quality brands to establish strategic cooperative relations, the future more regional jewelry brands Will also join ALLOVE 'for the consumer to bring' light point, strong reflection, high fire color 'ALLOVE' 81 carved ten heart ten arrow perfect love diamond discount christian louboutin