Highkelly Drilling

"Highkelly International Drilling Corporation specifically meets the requirements of international exploration and production companies through the deployment and utilization of high-efficiency drilling technology, experienced rig crews and committed safety and environmentally conscientious practices."

Highkelly International Drilling was established in 2005 to primarily design and manufacture advanced, fit-for-purpose turnkey drilling rigs. In addition to drilling rigs, HKI Drilling has the capacity to build pump jacks, power catwalks, and other oilfield drilling and field production equipment.

HKI Drilling focuses on delivering Canadian and API high standards and quality, expertise, and safety, while being able to achieve shorter delivery periods and lower costs than other North American fabricators.

The HKI rigs are engineered and designed in Canada, and are manufactured in accordance with API requirements (American petroleum Institute standard governing construction of drilling and field production equipment.)

Through Highkelly’s manufacturing company, Highkelly International Drilling Corporation has the ability to manufacture high-efficiency drilling rigs for itself incorporating new technologies, meeting manufacturing schedules and allowing itself faster deliveries to meet customer requirements. With decades of drill contracting experience and our unrivalled reputation attracts highly trained, responsible rig crews.

Professional Drilling Experience

Mr. Kerry Wilson is the founder of Highkelly and is a highly respected, well-known, veteran of the oil and gas drilling contracting business, with over 40 years of industry experience.

His experience encompasses all aspects associated with a drilling company, extending from the rig floor to attracting, retaining, and managing multiple rig crews, as well as sourcing business from oil and gas companies. He has worked around the world drilling wells in North Africa, the United States, Western Canada, and the Canadian Arctic.

Mr. Wilson’s experience also includes successfully designing and managing the construction of state-of-the-art drilling rigs. He has a strong reputation amongst industry peers and customers as to integrity and track record of providing high quality products and services.

Mr. Wilson was the co-founder and president of Highkelly Drilling Ltd., which was formed in October 2011, and acquired by a public company. Before the acquisition, Highkelly Drilling Ltd. constructed and operated high-efficiency AC VFD triples for multi-well pad drilling. Mr. Wilson is also the Chief Executive Officer of a Highkelly Industries Mfg. Ltd. (HKM), a private oilfield equipment manufacturer with facilities based in Shanghai, China, and headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

Our Roots

Mr. Wilson was also the Co-founder and President of Wilson Drilling Ltd., a private oil- industry drilling contractor based in Calgary, Alberta. The company was founded in equal partnership with Paramount Resources Ltd., and designed, built, and operated drilling rigs in the Western Canadian basin and Canada’s north in partnership with First Nations. Wilson Drilling Ltd. fully crewed and managed the rig fleet, with rig utilization exceeding industry utilization levels.
Wilson Drilling Ltd. was acquired by Trinidad Energy Services Income Trust in 2004.

Prior to establishing Wilson Drilling Ltd., Mr. Wilson served as the Manager of Sabre Drilling from 1982 to 1984, a wholly-owned division of Radium Well-Servicing Ltd, and was responsible for contracts, hiring, and managing crews.

Mr. Wilson’s early oil industry experience also included for a variety of oil and gas companies in different capacities from 1973 to 1982, beginning on the rig floor and progressing to a consultant role. Positions included roughneck, toolpush, and drilling consultant. Companies included Wilson Mud Services Ltd., Dome Petroleum Ltd., Dekalb Energy Canada Ltd., and Paramount Resources Ltd.